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Get to Know Me and My Philosophy

A sneak peek into who I am and why I chose to be an IBCLC

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Lactation Expert + Baby Whisperer

 Becoming an IBCLC was not in the "plans" until I had my first son.  I experienced the immense pleasure and joy of breastfeeding while navigating one of the largest learning curves I had ever encountered...and then came the twins!  Just as I was becoming comfortable with breastfeeding one...I was then thrown into learning how to breastfeed TWO.  This is how I became an IBCLC. Not because I was a nurse, or worked in healthcare, but because I was a mom who had a journey and who wanted to ensure other moms could fulfill their journey.

I show up for families just like I would want someone to show up for me. I have often been called the baby whisperer for having an insane ability to bring calmness to babies during home visits! 

I hope you've learned a little more about me and why being an IBCLC has been one of my most absolute joys in life.  I look forward to sharing with you.

In good health,



Holistic and Informative

Our primary goal as lactation consultants is to ensure the protection of milk supply and to promote breastfeeding and providing breast milk to babies and beyond.  There is no specific food or product that is recommended for milk production, initially without proper evaluation of milk removal from the baby and milk supply within the mom.  

In taking a holistic approach I can:

  •  Coach and encourage through simple instruction and education.

  • Use evidence based research from a global perspective on breastfeeding

  • Encourage a whole foods perspective on nourishing the body during pregnancy and post partum

  • Specialize in providing appropriate guidance on first food introduction


** Every pregnancy and journey is different, even if you have multiple children.  I recommend seeing a lactation consultant with EACH pregnancy/baby as a refresh and possibly to address any new issues that may arise. 

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