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A Holistic approach to breastfeeding and optimal nutrition for child development.

Changing the narrative one family at a time! 

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Aimbriel Lasley, MA, IBCLC,CHN

Hi, I'm Aimbriel and I am glad you've stopped by! I've been an IBCLC for 7 years and previously was a CLC (Certified Lactation Counselor) for 5 years. Being an IBCLC is an immense pleasure to help moms and families in the community to reach their goals.  My goal is to increase Black breastfeeding rates and decrease Black infant and maternal mortality through holistic education in my private practice.  I come to you with clinical and evidence based experience, as an advocate in the community and a mom.  Take a look at our services and see how we are working to improve our community!


Breastfeeding Education Workshops

Telehealth/Virtual consultations

Personalized Pumping/Return to work plans

First Foods Intro

and more...!



Whether in home or virtual, you will receive a personalized 1 on 1 consultation to meet your breastfeeding needs. Each consultation yields evidence based information to help guide you on your journey and to reach your goals. 


Workshops are forthcoming and will include topics such as: Pumps, Herbs & Breastfeeding, Feeding Multiples and more!  Stay tuned to our page for more details. 


Ashely P.

Aimbriel is the BEST Lactation Specialist there is.  She is so knowledgeable, compassionate, understanding and always helpful.  I've successfully breastfed two babies with her help and guidance.  Hands down the best!

Simyon H.

For moms who could be in search of a knowledgeable sweet spirited Lactation Consultant, I highly recommend Aimbriel.  From our initial consultation she was empathetic and knowledgeable about my wants and desires to breastfeed.  I never felt belittled or ashamed because of my past experience.  She helped me devise and execute a plan while incorporating my spouse.  She provided resources and was supportive.

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